1968-2018 – HSE 5oth Anniversary!

2018 membership information has been sent to our members and Easton residents to celebrate our 50th year.

A postcard  which provides Easton photos spanning the years provides membership information in honor of our 50th anniversary.  Special upcoming activities will be posted on-line and sent to our members in the next month. Some 50th anniversary activities may include additional Adams’ School House activities, a return to ‘Colonial Days’ for the children, additional lecturers, sessions with notable families of Easton, as well as a 50th Anniversary Gala.

If you did not receive the membership postcard, or would be interested in joining our Society, please contact us at one





For 2018 membership information, please click here: donate, join,_or_renew_2018

Sign up online below (click on the corresponding link to be redirected to our PayPal page) or email/call us to join the Society.

Patron $500:

Sustainer $250:

Supporter $100:

Family $35:

Adult $25:

Senior $15:

Student $10:

Corporate Platinum $1000:

Corporate Gold $500:

Corporate Silver $250:



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