Agricultural Photo Gallery

Easton HSE Silverman Farmstand 1941

Silverman’s farm stand on Sport Hill Road c1941

Easton HSE Orlando Banks Osborne & oxen (2)

Orlando Banks Osborn with his oxen in the late 1890’s. Osborn’s farm became part of the Aspetuck Reservoir watershed.

Easton HSE Silliman Farm Mrhse Hgwy Vic Gutafson post wwI

Vic Gustafson at the Silliman farm on Morehouse Highway in the 1920’s

Easton HSE BHC WW II Jamaicans Flirt Hill

Jamaican laborers were brought in during WWII to harvest apples at the Aspetuck Orchards grove on Flirt Hill

Easton HSE 205 Judd Rd 1830 barn Elisha Burr (2)

This barn built by Elisha Burr around 1830 still stands on Judd Road

Easton HSE House 112 Patterson Homestead

The Patterson Homestead sat along the Patterson Brook before the BHC built the Easton Reservoir

Weston Easton BHC nursery

Bridgeport Hydraulic Company tree farm provided all those white pines that lined the shores of the company’s reservoirs.