1. No, but it was apparently taken prior to the home becoming electrified as there are no power lines visible. Best guess would be early 20th century before 1925.

    1. Thanks very much, Bruce. That’s a wonderful image. I recall that this residence was – regrettably- gutted, remodeled and expanded in the 30’s or 40’s. It got the dreaded Colonial Revival treatment. Much of the original fabric (original front staircase, certain chamber partions, plaster ceilings, sashes, trim, hardware, etc. went to the landfill; beams were exposed and, of course, pickeled. Still, despite the unfortunate treatment, it remained upright. And that’s not nothing.

      BTW, 33 Bibbins is/was notable in that it retained its c.1740 barn. It was rescued from a developer in the 70’s and subsequently restored. I’m almost afraid to ask about the barn’s current disposition as it’s on a separate lot. I got a bad feeling in my stomach when I saw it individually listed for sale recently. Do you happen to know anything about this rare survivor’s present status?

      1. That barn was sold in March of this year for $245,000. The previous owner had a permit issued in July 2021 to convert it into a 3400 sq. ft. house (its current footprint is 1200 sq. ft.). The property card shows that permit as having been “voided.” I am not sure what that means, as that lot also had been pre-approved to have a 3000 sq, ft. house built, leaving the barn as an out-building. In any event, the chances of it remaining as it is are likely slim.

      2. Thanks for that information, Bruce. It’s a shame the two contextually related parcels weren’t landmarked via a two lot Local Historic District. That would have allowed the barn to be preserved yet sensitively repurposed as a dwelling. My parents restored that barn from near collapse to something akin to its original appearance simply out love and respect for what it represented. Thank God my poor father is not alive to witness what’s quite likely to happen next.

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