Churches of Easton Photo Gallery

Easton HSE Jesse Lee Girls choir 1953

1953 Jesse Lee Methodist Church all-girl Junior Choir

Easton HSE Jesse Lee Flat Rock 1915

c.1915 Flat Rock Road looking east. Jesse Lee Methodist Church at left. Note the Hosrse sheds at the rear. Churches often made money collecting rent for sheds to keep wealthier parishioner’s animals out of the weather during services and other church functions.

Easton HSE Congregational Church

Congregational Church at corner of Center & Westport Roads. C. 1900 Note the horsesheds at the rear.

Easton HSE Congregational Church C 1916

Congregational Church c. 1920 when the automobile began making rael headway in challenging the horse & carriage

Easton HSE Congregational Church Westport Rd & Center

Congregational Church built in 1835 looks quite the same today.

Easton HSE Methodist Church Redding Road & West until 1948

First known as the Center Street Methodist Church, this ediface was located on today’s Redding Road at the corner of West Road

Easton HSE Methodist Church Redding Rd before 1948

Used until 1948 when the congregation merged with the Jesse Lee Methodist Church, this building is now part of a private residence

Easton HSE Jesse Lee Methodist Church

Jesse Lee Methodist Church on Flat Rock Road

Easton HSE Baptist Church c1935

Baptist Church on Church Road at Stepney. Built c.1847

Easton HSE Baptist Church Stepney RD

Baptist Church

Easton HSE Baptist Hall Stepney Rd

Baptist Church Hall once sat closer to Stepney Road

Easton HSE Espicopal Church Westport Rd

Episcopal Church on Westport Road was built in 1874 and became a private residence in 1947

Easton HSE Notre Dame Church b1956

Notre Dame on Morehouse Rd. was built in 1956

Easton HSE Christ Episcopal Church

Christ Episcopal Church on Church Rd. was built in 1959