Bridgeport Hydraulic Company Photo Gallery

Easton HSE M6 Fountain at Aspetuck

Natives tend to refer to it as “The Spray”, but the fountain at the southern end of the Aspetuck Reservoir acts as an aerator for the water that has just passed through the tunnel under Flirt Hill from its mile-plus journey from the Saugatuck Reservoir in Weston.

Weston Easton 1andhalf mile 1942

1942. The construction of the tunnel that carries the water from the Saugatuck in Weston to the Aspetuck in Easton. It runs a mile and a half through Flirt Hill.

Bridgeport Hydraulic Crew with Sam Senior

C.1950. Sam Senior in the bow tie along with his crew of men that oversaw the watershed areas in Easton & Weston.

Easton HSE M7 BHC No Tresspassing Sign

If you grew up in Easton, you vividly remember the dark yellow metal signs that adorned every third tree on BHC land.

Easton HSE M8 Hemlock dam

The deck of the Hemlock Reservoir Dam (technically in Fairfield).

Easton HSE EL 70

1927 Gatehouse where the control valves are operated at the base of the dam at Easton Lake.


Easton HSE EL 65

1927 Construction project is almost complete and water can be seen cascading down the hillside after the reservoir was full and water was passing over the spillway at the far right at Easton Lake.


Easton HSE EL 18

1926 An entire plant was built on the western side of the valley that would crush stone and mix concrete for the Easton Lake project.

Easton HSE EL 7

Ingersoll-Rand twin cylinder compressor supplied air for pneumatic drills. Seen here after it arrived on the site, but not yet installed. Photo taken on west side of dam site on South Park Avenue.

Easton HSE M15 Sawmill BHC

BHC sawmill on Black Rock Turnpike between Center Road & the Apple Barn c.1950.

Easton HSE M14 Hemlock Res. Turb Bush

c.1950’s. Likely on the western shore of the Easton Reservoir after an ice storm or hurricane. At the center is Turb Bush, watershed superintendent for BHC

Easton HSE M13 1924 Sid Melia Apple Barn

Dated 1924. Looking north on Black Rock Turnpike, the Apple Barn is just beyond the house on the right

Easton HSE M12 Aspetuck 1914

1914. Nearing the end of construction on the dam & spillway at the Aspetuck Reservoir.

Easton HSE M10 #2 1896

1896. Number Two dam being built north of Number One between South Park Avenue & Buck Hill Road. This structure would be replaced by Number Three in 1926.


Easton HSE 4 BHC Apple Barn 1949

The Bridgeport Hydraulic Company apple orchards on the western side of Black Rock Turnpike supplied the fruit that was sorted, packed & shipped from the company’s successful Aspetuck Orchards operation. 1940’s photo.


Easton HSE 3 BHC Milled lumber BRT

The Bridgeport Hydraulic Company produced some of their own lumber at their sawmill just south of the Apple Barn on Black Rock Turnpike. Photo from the late 1940’s.

Easton HSE 2 F Hubbell BHC mill BRT 1951

Franklin Homer Hubbell overlooks a stack of raw lumber at the BHC sawmill on Black Rock Turnpike around 1950.


Easton HSE Aspetuck Orchards

The original Apple Barn before it was painted red and became a virtual tourist destination in the late 1960’s. Photo taken sometime in the 1940’s.

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