Sport Hill Races Photo Gallery

Easton HSE M118 Al Poole in Isotta during1908 Race winning car

1908 Winning car. Al Poole driving an Isotta set a course record! Since it was only the second year the race had been run, his 1:17 elapsed time wasn’t exactly earth shattering. Photo was colorized for a postal card image.

Easton HSE M117 1908 races Sport Hill

May 30, 1907 was the first of the 4 years the Sport Hill races were held. William Platt’s sawmill is at the right, and that car is a 1907 Pope-Hartford owned by James H. Kelly of Bridgeport.

Easton HSE 1909 Locomobile

1909. The license plate indicates a factory owned Locomobile built in Bridgeport. 1909 Sport Hill Race

Easton HSE 1909 Spectators on Sport Hill

1909. Looking up “Old” Sport Hill road near where Deleware Road intersects today.

Easton HSE 1909 Ford Speedster

1909. A stripped down Ford Speedster near the starting line. Participants were allowed to remove body parts in order to lighten the automobile.

Easton HSE R.A. McNeil driving Stearns Automobile 1909

R.A. McNeil driving a Stearns Automobile

Easton HSE 1909 injured spectator

The 1909 crowd gathers around the spot where one of the spectators was injured when a car went off of the course.

Easton 1910 finish line review stand

Press stand on Snake Hill on Burr Street during the 1910 Race

Easton 1910 hill climb spectators

Spectators line the course on the tightest turn of Snake Hill during the 1910 race.

Easton 1910 hill climb racer flagman

Flagman watches as race car passes in 1910 event.

Easton 1910 soldiers hill climb

After the 1909 accident, additional troops were added for crowd control in the 1910 Race.

Easton 1908 hill climb

1908. Looking north on Easton Turnpike (Sport Hill Rd) just south of the Jefferson Street intersection. Spectators parked where they could and walked to see the races.

easton 1908 hill climb spt hill

Finish line just south of Flat Rock Road in the 1908 race.


Easton 1909 Burman no5 buick hill climb

1909. Starting line at Mill River crossing at foot of Sport Hill. The number 5 Buick driven by Burman.

Easton 1909 overland no40 hill climb

The number 40 Overland starts up the hill in 1909.

Easton 1909 lorimar chamlmers detroit on hill

1909. A Chalmers-Detroit driven by Lorimar rounds a curve about where Westwood Drive would now enter Sport Hill

Easton 1909 crowd hill climb

1909. Large crowds line the course, sitting right alongside of the roadway. A wayward race car injured several spectators that year when it left the cousre.

Easton 1909 hill climb peddler

A local farmer uses the course between race heats in 1909. Note the man peddling sandwiches at the left.

Easton 1909 Maxwell hill climb

1909. At the end of the day, a Maxwell passes by one of the mills on the east side of Sport Hill in the Plattsville.

Easton 1909 lorimar no 28 chalmers detroit hill climb

Lorimar’s stripped down number 28 Chalmers-Detroit in a later heat.

Easton 1909 frank lecault palmer-singer hill climb

Frank Lecault in a Palmer-Singer during the 1909 Race

Easton HSE sport hill

1908 race. All races were held on Memorial Day.

Easton HSE sport hill rd 1909 hill climb

1909. In between races, Easton residents used a more convential means of transportation to get up the hill.

Easton HSe1910 hill climb Snake hill Burr St

The 1910 race was almost scrapped because of one local resident’s objection to using Sport Hill. A new spot was found on Snake Hill on Burr Street. These cars are parked on Burr just before the intersection with North Street.

Easton HSE 1910 Race on Snake Hill Burr Street

1910. The final hill climb was run on Burr Street just north of the Fairfield town line.