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This archive page will mainly feature photos that don’t fall into any particular category. For vintage detailed photos of our notable neighbors, historic homes, churches, schools, agriculture, the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company & the historic Sport Hill Races of the early twentieth century, please click on those links below the Photo Archives tab on our main page. Eventually, we hope to have as many as 500 photos online and viewable to all.

Easton HSE M121 WWII Korea Honor Roll

WWII & Korean War Honor Roll

Easton HSE Ambrose Marsh 1888

Farmer & State Representative Ambrose Marsh at his Sport Hill Road farm c.1895

Easton HSE M20 Haeubleins Store & PO

Haeublein’s Store & Post Office c.1910 corner of Sport Hill & Adams Road

Easton HSE M88 Aspetuck School c.1890's

c.1890 Aspetuck School on Redding Road

Easton HSE M89 Union Cemetery looking south on Stepney

c.1920 Stepney Road looking south at Union Cemetery. The town would vote to allow the State to make a wider road to the Monroe line in 1926

Easton HSE M91 Aspetuck drought

1982. The Aspetuck Reservoir during an extreme drought.


Easton HSE M116 Gillette Tucker 1930's

Gasoline engines such as the Fairbanks – Morse brand replaced traditional water power in sawmills during the early part of the 20th century. Gillette Tucker & Company from Easton represented the brand in the 1930’s.

Easton HSE M115 Burton P. Merwin Store & mill 1910

Burton Merwin sold groceries and ran the Aspetuck Post Office from this mill starting in 1891. By the early 1900’s he was making wooden toys on the upper floor. Located at the corner of Westport & Old Redding Roads.

Easton HSE M106 Plattsville Blacksmith Shop Sport Hill

Platt’s Blacksmith Shop in 1922 at the foot of Sport Hill before it crossed the Mill River near the Fairfield Line.

Easton HSE M105 Albert Hawkins SPT Hill Ledge 1905

Albert Hawkins near the Sport Hill Ledge in the early 1900’s. The road was moved to the east and straightened in the 1940’s.

Easton HSE Plattsville sawmill 1910

1910 George Platt’s old sawmill at foot of Sport Hill Road.

Easton HSE 1932 Grange hall constr

1932 the then Grange Hall under construction on Center Road

Easton HSE Sylvanus Mallette Sweetbriar aug 1909

August of 1909 Sylvanus Mallette, owner of Sweetbrier Farm with his fancy rig

Easton HSE Blacksmith shop c1900

c.1900 interior of Tom Wells blacksmith shop on North Street

Easton HSE Center Rd bridge looking east before 1911

The Center Road Bridge prior to the building of the Aspetuck. Looking east c.1910

Easton HSE Yellow Bowl Tea Room

The Yellow Bowl Tea Room on Sport Hill Road in the 1930’s.



Easton HSE Dedication WWII Korea

Dedication of WWII & Korean War Memorial. Left to right: Selectmen Franklin Hubbell, Howard Andrews, David Whittier, and representing the American Legion, Joseph Silhavey & Norris Wilkes

Easton HSE Helen Keller GB 11091963

11/09/1963. The groundbreaking cemermony for the Helen Keller Middle School. First Selectman Franklin Hubbell at far right.

Easton HSE 1934 aerial WICC towers

1934 Aerial photo of Sport Hill Road showing the twin radio towers of WICC that were erected in 1927. The building at the center that housed the broadcasting equipment is now a residence.

Easton HSE Orlando Banks Osborn & Wife c1900 BHC

Orlando Banks and his wife circa 1900. The Banks farm was taken by eminent domain for the construction of the Aspetuck Reservoir a few years later.

Easton HSE Black Squirrel Hunt

Undated photo with the results of a black squirrel hunt. Unsure if this was for sport or bounty.

Easton HSE M90 Easton Banjo Society 1977

1977 Easton Banjo Society

Easton HSE M Town Hall 1937

1937 plans for the new town hall. Notice that it had a courtroom on the main level and that the town library was located in the basement.


Easton HSE M 87 c. 1930 Firehouse

Late 1920’s – early 1930’s. Single bay fire department.

Easton HSE M86 Fire Dept Picnic c.1931

Early 1930’s Volunteer Fire Department Picnic

Esaton HSE M81 1932 Grange Groundbreaking crowd

1932 Crowd during the groundbreaking for the new Grange

Easton HSE M80 1932 Groundbreaking Grange

After a devastating 1929 fire that destroyed the Grange Hall, a new building was started in 1932. George B. Beers, the first Master of the Grange turns the first shovel of dirt.

Easton HSE M79 Past Masters of Grange 1932

Past Masters of the Grange in 1932. We have the names too!

Easton HSE M78 1932 Officers of the Grange

1932 Grange officers and officials w/list of names!

Easton HSE M76 1915 Grange Dedication

June 9, 1915. Dedication of new Grange Hall. Staples Academy seen in background. The Grange sat on Center Road just west of the Congregational Church



Easton HSE M73 Charter Grange members 1932

Surviving charter members of the Grange in 1932.

Easton HSE M42 Helen Keller named Arcan Ridge after this farm in Scotland 1932

Helen Keller fell in love with the Arcan farm in Scotland and named her Easton residence after this cottage

Easton HSE M51 1941 Arcan Ridge

The original Arcan Ridge house in 1941. It would be lost to fire in 1946.



Easton HSE M23 May 30, 1937 Bluebird baseball team

May 30, 1937. The Bluebird baseball team…and yes, we have the names too!

Easton HSE M21 Toy Factory c.1935

Gustav Pfeiffer built the little replica mill that we all refer to as the “Toy Factory” sometime around 1935. Note the long gone water wheel. It was only for show, but it did turn when the water was allowed to flow over it.

Easton HSE M9 Ruman's store

Ruman Brother’s Store on the corner of Center & Westport Road. C.1917.


Easton HSE M11 Bill Injun Wm Gregory c1895

Bill Gregory went by the name Bill Injun. Whether he was actually of Native American heritage may never be known, but the old-timers in the middle of the last century liked to tell the story of the old Indian who did odd jobs and lived in a shack near the corner of Sport Hill & Rock House Roads. c. 1895 photo.

Easton HSE M5 Easton Boy Scouts in Lordship Bluff (2)

1925 Easton Troop 42 at Lordship Bluffs in Stratford w/Scoutmaster Dr. Howard Warren, pastor of the Jesse Lee Methodist Church

Easton HSE M17 1925 Boy Scouts camping Stratford

1925 Easton Boy Scouts camping at Lordship Bluffs.

Easton HSE M18 1925 Easton troop 66 in Stratford

Scoutmaster Warren with Boy Scouts in 1925

Easton HSE M19 Boy Scouts in 1925 at Lordship Bluffs

Troop 42 was sponsored by the Jesse Lee Methodist Church until 1930

Easton HSE M16 Easton Forrest Rangers 1933

1933. Easton Forest Rangers at the University of Connecticut. L to R: Jay Sherwood Edwards, John King, Sterling Gillette, Ed Johnson, Albert Wilkes & Fred O’Hara.

Easton HSE M4 1925 Boy scouts in Lordship (2)

1925. Easton Boy Scouts at Lordship Bluffs campout in Stratford. When it was perfectly safe to transport children in the back of an open truck!

Easton HSE M3 Adams School c1905

c.1905. The Adams schoolhouse in its original setting. Looking east from Sport Hill Road, Adams Road at the right.

Easton HSE M2 Union Cemetery c.1920

C.1920’s. Union Cemetery looking north on Sport Hill Road.

Easton HSE M1 Bus

1930’s. Easton Coach Service bus in front of Halzack’s. Note the old blacksmith shop still standing in the rear of the building.

Easton HSE Morehouse Highway looking S (2)

Morehouse Highway looking south from Center Road. c.1908

Easton HSE Sport Hill at Mill River S Lacy's Plattsville

Sport Hill Road looking south at the Mill River Bridge. C. 1900.

Easton HSE Lacy's Sport Hill at Mill River 1905

Sport Hill Road looking north at the Mill River Bridge. C.1910


Easton 1947 firehouse

1947. A second bay had been added to house additional equipment. The boys bought something called a televsion set around that time and membership suddenly swelled.

Easton HSE 1935 bus center & morehouse

Easton Coach Service. Photo taken on Center Road at the intersection of Morehouse looking south. After 1934 – the bus is a 1934 Studebaker

Easton HSE 1940s Fireman Carnival Booth (2)

1940 booth at the Volunteer Firemen’s Carnival

Easton HSE 1940s Fireman Carnival Booth

1940 Booth at the Volunteer Firemen’s Carnival

Easton HSE 1940 Volunteer Fireman Carnival

The tents on the green ready for the Carnival in 1940

Easton HSE 1947 Fireman carnival Donkey baseball

1947 Donkey Baseball players. Fun at the Volunteer Firemen’s Carnival!

Easton Store (2)

Halzack’s store and filling station on Sport Hill Road in the 1930’s

Easton Dahonos Aug 1949 life illustration

Artist Stevan Dohanos used many local landmarks in his works, this one of the Congregational Church is from an August 1949 illustration in Life Magazine.

Fairfield Merritt at Easton Turnpike Sport Hill Rd

1938 the construction of the Merritt Parkway in the Plattsville section of town.


Easton HSE S89 1942 CR&L Bus

1942. The Connecticut Railway & Lighting Company (CRL) regularly ran buses to Easton that provided transportation to Bridgeport.


The Bluebird Garage was used in the filming of the 2007 movie Reservation Road starring Juoquin Phoenix, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Connelly, Mira Sorvino, Elle Fanning et al.

Easton HSE M22 Old Blue Bird.jpeg

Likely taken in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s given the signage. Signs atop the building in the later 1930’s sported bluebirds on either side of the name.


Other Bluebird

The Date of this postcard/picture is not known.  This second or counterfeit Bluebird sat about in the middle of what is now the little league field parking lot at Aspetuck Park.

Bluebird Inn Late 1940’s

The Bluebird Inn – late 1940’s

The Bluebird Garage – 1960

The Bluebird Inn and Garage – photo taken between 1934 and 1937.

House at Redding Road and Black Rock Road, now Aspetuck Park c. 1920

Greiser’s Store 1926 – left to right – Mr. Weichert, visitor from New Jersey, the father of the Weichert who started Weichert Realty, Richard A Greiser, Arthur Greiser


  10 comments for “Photo Archives

  1. Raymond Nichols
    May 16, 2013 at 9:29 am

    I remember the Bluebird Inn well. In the early 1950’s, my sister and I walked from my grandfather’s farm on Burr Street to the Bluebird to buy ice cream cones. I was about six years old and we were on a grand adventure.

    Ray Nichols

  2. Donna Weichsel Allen
    June 15, 2015 at 10:31 pm

    Thanks for the great flashback. My first job in approximately 1975 was at the Blue Bird. It was a hot dog stand at the time owned by Bob Kern, the husband of teacher Midge Clark. My classmate, Cindy Spencer, also worked with me making milk shakes and selling hot dogs. Since I lived on Mile Common Road I could just walk to work and then hang out at the Mud Hole with the gang afterwards.

  3. Dave Bowen
    October 2, 2015 at 9:52 am

    The Blue Bird! In the late ’60’s, my brother and I played Little League across the street. Win or lose, ten or fifteen cents was the prize to be spent at the Bluebird!

  4. Kennweth & Priscilla Kinner
    March 10, 2016 at 6:03 pm

    In the 1930’s, on family trips from Danbury to Fairfield Beach, we always stopped at the Bluebird for little cups of ice cream. The interior of the lids had pictures of famous people. It was joy to open the cup for both the photo in the lid an the ice cream. I think that one cup cost ten cents. Then in the 1960’s our sons played Little League in Toth Park. Will always remember Hank Kowaleski who was a great umpire and an even better man.

  5. Paul Brown
    July 24, 2016 at 12:03 am

    My mom and I loved the black raspberry shakes – most likely made by Donna or Cindy (above), because that’s about the time I was playing Little League at (what is no longer called) Toth Park. I never went to Greiser’s growing up, but when I was editor of The Easton Courier in ’89-’90, I went there a lot. Good place to get coffee and talk with the regulars. Miss the Bluebird and Greiser’s A LOT.

  6. amylouw
    January 8, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    I would to learn more of Easton’s history. My husband’s grandma was born there in 1937. Are there any school photos from the 40s?

    • bnelson
      January 8, 2019 at 4:25 pm

      Staples Elementary appeared to only take class photos of the graduating 8th grade each year. If your relative was born in 1937, she would have likely been in the Staples class of 1951. We do not have that year in our photo album. If you could provide a full maiden name, we can check to see if we can find a photo for you from one of the high schools Easton used during those years.

  7. Charles C. Anderson
    April 11, 2020 at 1:47 pm

    Spent a lot of time in Easton at my Uncle’s, Joe Silhavy, who was a volunteer fireman and retired as an Easton police officer. Additionally, my grandmother, Anne (Yamnicky) Anderson grew up on Old Adams Rd. and went to Adams school. Thank you for the history and great memories!

  8. December 22, 2020 at 11:34 am

    Would anyone happen to know where I could get the Blue Bird Inn postcard shown above that has the “The Bluebird Inn and Garage – photo taken between 1934 and 1937” caption? I’d love to find one of these for my elderly mother, who has wonderful memories of having brunches with a now-deceased friend at the restaurant. I’ve tried the usual avenues (eBay, Easton Historical Society, etc.) but have come up empty for more than a year. Any miracles out there?!

    • Bruce Nelson
      December 22, 2020 at 12:01 pm

      Unfortunately, eBay or Card Cow are probably your only options. Those cards were published 80 years ago.

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