Historic Homes Photo Gallery

easton hse sweetbriar c1900
1896 Sweetbrier Farm was the home of Sylvanus & Mary Mallett. Located at 1020 Sport Hill Road the house was built in 1889.
easton house rock house jane dillon 1937 hse
245 Rock House Road. Perhaps the oldest known house in Easton it dates between 1683 and 1710. 1937 Photo when house was owned by Jane Dillon, it has since been restored to orginal appearance and dormers removed.
easton hse m59 bradley-hubbell house 1946 hse
1946. Bradley Hubbell House on Black Rock Turnpike dates to early 1800’s
easton hse m67 ida tarbell 1915 (2)
Valley Road. 1915 view looking south with Ida Tarbell House at left.
easton hse m68 tarbell house 1934
1934 photo of Ida Tarbell home on Valley Road.
easton hse edna ferber house 190 maple road
Built in 1939, this house at 190 Maple Road was originally owned by author Edna Ferber. In 1959, it became the home of sculptor Frederick Charles Shrady.
Easton HSE House 99 131 Sport Hill Rd. 1878 Sam Senior
131 Sport Hill Road. Built 1875 Edwin Godfrey. Later Tersana Farm owned by Samuel P. Senior
Easton HSE House 121 Sweetbriar 1896 1020 Sport Hill
“Sweetbrier” buily 1889 by Syvanus Mallett. c1896 photo
Easton HSE House 38 Capt Sherwood 355 Sport Hill Rd 1715
355 Sport Hill Road. Captain Sherwood c.1715
Easton HSE House 90 Ezra Seeley 136 Sport Hill Rd 1803
136 Sport Hill Rd. Ezra Seeley House c1803. Later the Yellow Bowl Tea Room. Photo c.1940
Easton HSE House 55 Sweetbriar 1020 Sport Hill Rd 1889
Sylvanus Mallet at Sweetbrier 1896
Easton HSE House 67 Rockshouse Road Banks Homestaed gone
Banks Homestead on Rock House Road. No longer in existance
Easton HSE House 75 NorthSt Jeb Curtis 1790
75 North Street. Jeb Curtis House c.1790
Easton HSE House 175 Harry Escott 24 Marsh 1926
24 Marsh Road. Harry Escott House built 1926.
Easton HSE House 123 Ward Homestead 265 Center Rd
265 Center Road. Captain James Johnson Homestead c.1800
Easton HSE House 111 Ward Homestead 265 Center Road C1800
265 Center Road. James Johnson c.1800
Easton HSE House 120 Rev James Johnson c.1760 211 Center RD
211 Center Road. Reverend James Johnson House c.1760
Easton HSE House 73 412 Sport Hill Rd 1780 Sherwood
412 Sport Hill Road. Sherwood House c.1780
Easton HSE House 31 BHC demolished 227 Center Rd 1915 Photo
227 Center Road. Corner of Morehouse. The current library sits here.
Easton HSE House 106 Ebenezer Hubbell 32 Bibbins Rd 1740
32 Bibbins Road. Ebenezer Hubbell Hosue c.1740
Easton HSE House 78 Ebenezer Seeley 1810 1 Adams Rd (4)
1 Adams Road. Ebenezer Seeley House c.1810
Easton HSE House 44 Adams BS 1770 615 SPT Hill (2)
615 Sport Hill Road. Hehemiah DeForrest House c.1770. Later Adams store & tavern
Easton HSE Moses Ogden house number 30 Black Rk and Westport road
Moses Ogden House at corner of Westport Rd and Balck Rock Turnpike. Photo c.1900. House lost to Hemlock Reservoir c.1914
Easton HSE House 109 640 Morehouse RD. Alfred Burr 1794
640 Morehouse Road. Alfred Burr House c.1794. Rectory for Notre Dame Church
Easton HSE House 85 Knapp C.1864 5 Knapp St
5 Knapp Street. George Knapp House c.1864
Easton HSE Birdsey Beers House187 Moved From after BHC from botom of Flat Rock
Birdseye Beers house sat on spur road near foot of Flat Rock. Moved when Easton Lake was built c.1927
Easton HSE House 43 1860 build 145 Sherwood Road
145 Sherwood Road. Sherwood Homestaed c.1860. C.1878 photo
Easton HSE House 112 Patterson Homestead
North Park Avenue Patterson Homestead lost to Easton Lake c.1926
Easton HSE House 100 Homestead 1750 Ebenezer Thorp 70 Redding Rd.
169 Redding Road. The Fanton House c.1800
Easton HSE House 114 Issac Bennett 35 Old Oak
35 Old Oak. Issac Bennett House. Built by Captain Nathaniel Seeley late 1700’s. “Ye Olde Oak” still stands in front.
Easton HSE 46 Moses Dimon 1725 Pheiffer 35 Old Redding Rd.
35 Old Redding Road. Moses Dimon House c.1725. Gustav Pfeiffer Estate and cornerstone property of his Apetuck Farms in the 1930’s.
Easton HSE House 40 Sport Hill Rd at Congress Merritt
Sport Hill Rd & Congress St.  in the Plattsville section. House moved in 1939 when Merritt Parkway was built.
Easton HSE House 51 Bellemy Partridge 120 Silver Hill 1765 David Jennings
David Jennings House 120 Silver Hill Rd 1765
Easton HSE 154 36 Silver Hill Silliman House
David Silliman House 36 Silver Hill Rd. 1760
Easton HSE House 117 North Park Ave 320
Melvyn Silliman House 320 N. Park Ave. 1870