Easton School Photo Gallery

Easton HSE 1931 Health Report School Dist.1

1931 Health report by school nurse at the new Samuel Staples Elementary School

Easton HSE Teachers contract 1931

1931 Teacher’s contract. Not much job security in those days!

Easton HSE S144 1913 Yellow School

1913 Class Photo at the Yellow School on Everett Road

Easton HSE S110 Yellow School names 1906

1906 Class Photo at the Yellow School on Everett Road.

Easton 6th grade 1962

1962. Samuel Satples 6th grade field trip to NYC.

Easton HSE S1 Lora Adams Clark teacher Adams

Laura Adams Clark teacher

Easton HSE S8 Fairfield Deerfield sch. Burr

The Deerfield School was another split district. Located on Burr St. just south of the Easton town line in Fairfield.

Easton HSE S27 Staples academy 1937

1937 WPA photo of the Staples Academy building.

Easton HSE S46 Barlow Graduation 1965

1965 Graduating class of Joel Barlow

Easton HSE S32 Staples Class of 1942

1940 8th grade graduating class of Samuel Staples

Easton HSE S4 1969 Adams move

1969. The Adams School is moved to what we hope will be its final home on Westprt Road.

Easton HSE S6 Emily Lewis teacher Adams c1882

Adams School teacher Emily Lewis c.1882

Easton HSE S11 Aspetuck School

Aspectuck School class photo early 1900’s.

Easton HSE S13 Center school Kate Hawkins

A very spartan appearing Center School w/Kate Hawkins as teacher, undated, but prior to 1900.

Easton HSE S16 Judd School

Undated Judd School

Easton HSE S22 Adams early 1900s

Adams School class photo undated.

Easton HSE S24 Dugway school 1900

The Dugway School was also known as the Narrows School. Photo c.1900. Located where Old Oak would have intersected South Park prior to the building of the Easton Reservoir.

Easton HSE S41 1965 Barlow Football Redding

1965 Joel Barlow High School Varsity Football Team

Easton HSE S43 Redding Barlow floor plan 1960

1959 Joel Barlow High School Floor Plan. Barlow was built in only 14 months at a total cost of $1.65 million including the land and furnishings!!!

Easton HSE S48 Barlow Redding JBHS 1958

Winter of 1958-59 as Barlow was being built.

Easton HSE S25 wilson school

Current: Wilson School is now part of this residence at 65 Kachele Street

Easton HSE S26 Wilson School

c.1895 the Wilson School on Black Rock Turnpike.

Easton HSE S28 Samuel Staples 1932

1932 Samuel Staples Elementary on Morehouse Highway

Easton HSE S29 Samuel Staples Faculty 1953

1953 Samuel Staples Faculty

Easton HSE S38 Plattsville School

Plattsville School at the corner of Jefferson & Sport Hill in Fairfield was a split district school that served both towns c.1910.

Easton HSE S39 Judd School class photo c1905

1905 class photo at Judd School

Easton HSE S40 1911 Plattsville School

1911 class photo at Plattsville


Easton HSE S56 Samuel Staples 1943

1943 8th grade graduating class at Samuel Staples

Easton HSE S55 1922 Sport Hill

1922 Class photo grades 5-8 at Sport Hill School

Easton HSE S54 Staples addition 1992

Late 1960’s Architect rendering of proposed addition to Samuel Staples Elementary

Easton HSE S49 Sport Hill School

c.1905 class photo at the Sport Hill School

Easton HSE S42 Judd School

Date unknown. Judd School

Easton HSE S68 1914 Center School Liilian Andrews

1914 Center School class photo. Lillian Andrews was the teacher.

Easton HSE S66 Unknown Oct 1924

Unknown location, but some of the children appeared dressed for a school play. Given the poured concrete steps and the hair styles, we’d date this photo mid-to-late 20’s.

Easton HSE S65 Adams Class

Adams School class photo c.1900

Easton HSE S64 Wilson School

The Wilson School on Black Rock Turnpike c.1930’s

Easton HSE S63 1952 Staples

1952 Eigth grade graduating class of Samuel Staples

Easton HSE S62 Sport Hill 1920's

1920’s photo of the Sport Hill School on Flat Rock Road, now a residence.

Easton HSE S7a Rockhouse

Rockhouse School was located at the southwest corner of Sport Hill Rd and Rockhouse Rd. It was later sold and moved across the road to become part of a residence.

Easton HSE S82 Sport Hill 1922 1-4

Grades 1-4 were located on the first floor of the Sport Hill School. Class photo from 1922.

Easton HSE S78 Adams PC

The Adams School at its original location on Adams Road just east of Sport Hill. Early 20th century photo.

Easton HSE S77 Staples Academy

The Staples Free Academy before 1900.

Easton HSE S73 Staples Academy Classroom

Thanksgiving display in one of the classrooms at the Staples Academy when it was being used as a consolidated school by the town. Woodrow Wilson’s photo on the wall suggests a time frame of approximately 1913-1920

Easton HSE S69 Students Sport Hill 1910

Photo taken at the southwest corner of the Sport Hill School on Flat Rock Road looking north in 1910.

Easton HSE S86 1939 Staples

1939 Samuel Staples Graduating class. This would have likely been the first class to have completed all eight grades in the elementary school that now served the entire town.

Easton HSE S87 Staples Lunchroom

Samuel Staples School kitchen with the “Lunch Ladies”. c.1940

Easton HSE S88 Artwork

Painting of the Aspetuck School House that sat on Redding Road near the intersection with Wells Hill Rd. Unknown date, but the school was enlarged around the turn of the last century.

Easton HSE S90 Center School 1939

1939 photo of the Center Street School on Westport Road.

Easton HSE S91 Aspetuck Post card c1910

Expanded Aspetuck School around 1910.

Easton HSE S101 Wilson School Turb Bush house 1974

The Wilson School on Black Rock Turnpike was later owned by the BHC. Seen here in 1974, it had been converted into a summer residence for retired Easton Lake Superindendent Arthur “Turb” Bush & his wife Gladys

Easton HSE S103 Judd School Picnic c1908

C.1908 Judd School picnic. Teacher Alice Davis at far right.

Easton HSE S108 Judd School c1888-1900

Judd School on the corner of Judd Rd. & North St. likely in the 1890’s

Easton HSE S 45 Redding Joel Barlow HS 1964

1964 Artist rendition of Joel Barlow High School with opened in 1959

Easton HSE S104 Unknown class

Perhaps our earliest school photo? Likely from the mid-1880’s. Note the civil war military cap on the boy in the middle rear row – perhaps from his dad or grandfather? Given the location of the doorway and the style of windows, this was likely taken at the Aspetuck School.

Easton HSE Fairfield Jeff & SH Residence moved

Plattsville School was a split-district school serving Easton & Fairfield. Located on the corner of Jefferson Street & Sport Hill Rd. c.1910. Now a private residence

Easton HSE Center School class

Center School on Westport Road

Easton HSE Sport Hill School 1908

C. 1908 students at Sport Hill School

Easton HSE Adams early 1900s

Adams Schoolhouse students. Adams School was originally located on Adams Rd. just east of intersection w/Sport Hill


Easton HSE Fairfield 1894 Plattsville School

1894 Plattsville School

Easton HSE 1911 Students in front of Cong

1911 photo of students in front of Congegational Church