Notable Neighbors Photo Gallery


easton hse federick charles shrady sculptor

Artist & Sculptor Frederick Charles Shrady lived at 190 Maple Road from 1959 until his death in 1990.


Easton HSE Edna Ferber

Novelist & Playwright Edna Ferber lived at 190 Maple Road during the 1940’s and ’50’s.

Easton HSE Igor I Sikorsky 1953 Time Mag

Aviation pioneer and manufacturer Igor Sikorsky lived the final 20 years of his life on Morehouse Road.

Easton HSE Vaughn De Leath 1920's

Singer and radio personality Vaughn deLeath who maintained a home at 910 Sport Hill Road beginning in 1924

Easton HSE Rudolph Bannow Bridgeport Machines 1936

Rudolph Bannow, President & Founder of Bridgeport Machines and President of the National Association of Manufacturers during the Eisenhower Administration. He resided on Flat Rock Drive.

Easton HSE helen Keller mark Twain Jan 1909

Helen Keller “listening” to Mark Twain talk during a January 1909 visit to Twain’s Stormfield estate in Redding

Easton Redding twain & keller HSE jan 1909

Helen Keller posing with Mark Twain at Stormfield in January of 1909

Easton HSE Helen Keller Anne Sukkivan Mark Twian Laurence Hutton

Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, Mark Twain and publisher Laurence Hutton at one of their first encounters in 1894

Easton Helen Keller

Helen Keller captivates Charlie Chaplin

Easton HSE Helen Keller 1939 with Gustav Pfeiffer

1939 Helen Keller stands behind the model of her new home Arcan Ridge, donated by Gustav Pfeiffer standing to her immediate right (left in the photograph). That’s Ms. Keller’s companion, Polly Thompson at the far right.

Easton HSE Rev James Johnson 1st Min Cong Church 1762-1810

The Reverend James Johnson, first minister of the Congregational Church

Easton HSE Lora Adams Clark teacher Adams

Lora Adams Clark taught at the Adams School

Ralph, George, Laurence & Ambrose Marsh

Three generations of the Marsh family in 1910. Ambrose Marsh at the left was a 2 time State Representative, grandson Laurence, atop the horse, would one day become the President of the Marsh Dairy, and Ambrose’s sons George and Ralph would one day become officers of the Volunteer Fire Department, with George serving as President from 1945-1950.

Easton HSE 1955 Edna Ferber with James Dean

1955 on the set of Giant. Author Edna Ferber talking with actor James Dean. Ferber wrote Giant while living on Maple Road in Easton.

Easton HSE 12 Franklin Homer Hubbell BHC

Franklin Homer Hubbell in his later years. Mr. Hubbell was responsible for the creation of Aspetuck Orchards while he was employed by the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company.