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Historical Society of Easton celebrates 50th anniversary

Board members greeted guests as the Historical Society of Easton celebrated its 50th anniversary on July 22. From left are David Katz, June Chiaia-Logie, President Chester Burley, Secretary Anne Manusky, Vice President and Treasurer Mike Howard, Emlyn Duemmler and Joan Kirk. Kelly Higgins is also on the Board of Directors.

The Historical Society of Easton, the Board of Directors held an open house and 50th anniversary celebration at its offices and the Community Room at the Easton Public Library on Sunday July 22.

More than 50 people attended the festivities and saw a collection of artifacts assembled by the Society. Attendees entered the Historical Society office to see photos, paintings, furniture from the Bradley Hubbell house and many other artifacts. They were then welcomed into the community room to view the collections assembled by the Society.

Board members answered questions about the Society, its mission as well as the items on display. Among the artifacts was a collection of historical American Flags including a flag dating back to the Civil War which was sown by a few local Easton ladies to ensure the town had a new flag to fly proudly. Of major curiosity especially among the younger attendees seemed to be the album of Easton schools and the information on the Sport Hill Climb Races.

The Easton schools album was brimming with photos of a number of schools which dotted Easton over the mid-19th to early 20th century, as well as children and their teachers.

The Sport Hill Climb Race artifacts included a number of newspaper clippings, period brochure, a postcard and the piece de resistance, the silver Sport Hill Climb Cup. The Sport Hill Climb Race had been an annual event in the early 1900s organized by the Automobile Club of Bridgeport. The springtime race tested the ability and nerves of many an automobile enthusiast as they attempted to climb and navigate the curves of Sport Hill Road as it existed at the time.

Amber Anchor, an Easton band featuring Dan Tressler and Jeff Smith, provided musical entertainment with their acoustic sound blending new and old. Like troubadours of old, they wandered through the crowd entertaining everyone.

Chester Burley, president of the historical society, thanked those attending the anniversary event. He provided some history of Easton, and information on the society’s function to research, archive and preserve Easton history.

Attendees and board members enjoyed a variety of hors d’oeuvres and beverages, and the 50th anniversary cake.

For more information about the society please call the Historical Society of Easton at 203-292-3533 or visit our website at