Adams Schoolhouse Exhibit–Saturday June 7th, 2-4 PM

Adams Schoolhouse – Easton’s One-Room Schoolhouse Education Exhibit



The Historical Society of Easton welcomes you to visit a very special exhibit on One-Room Schoolhouse Education at the Adams Schoolhouse on Saturday, June 7th between 2 PM and 4 PM. The Society has compiled a pictorial chronicle featuring the history of educating students in the one-room schools that dotted our town from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. This exhibit is the largest exhibit the Society has held in the past two decades.

For the very first time, items scanned from the Society’s archives will be on display in the Adams Schoolhouse filling the walls with treasures from our past. Among the featured items on display are photographs of the school houses in addition to their teachers and students as well as original curriculum, student classwork, school newspapers, report cards, tuition bills and invoices of school expenses.

Interesting to note, saving the Adams Schoolhouse was the precipitating factor in the formation of the Historical Society of Easton in 1968. Now, it will be the backdrop to our largest educational exhibit. Please join us on Saturday June 7th at the Adams Schoolhouse located at 345 Westport Road and step back in time. While there is no admission charge for this special exhibit, the Society would welcome donations so that we can make several needed repairs to the Adams Schoolhouse.

For more information please contact the Historical Society of Easton at 203-261-209 or consult our One_Room_Schoolhouse Exhibit Flyer.

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