Easton Farm Tour Stop at HSE-August 20th


Take a tour of the Adams Schoolhouse (c. 1850), Easton’s last remaining one room schoolhouse that is open to the public for this special event from 10 – 3 PM. Children are welcome to participate in Spelling Bees on the hour and try their chance at winning the Bee of the hour for a small prize. Our schoolmistress will be holding class on the half hour from 10:30 till 2:30 and teach farming curriculum from actual period readers and math primers used by former Easton students. Adults can learn from our historian, the development of Easton’s educational system from the early late 1700’s until the 1930s. A small exhibit of period photographs will be on display which highlight the one room schoolhouses, curriculum and homework, student classes and their teachers and much more. The schoolhouse is located at 345 Westport Road, Easton. Hope to see you there.

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