Upcoming Lecture-The Titanic- April 15, 2017 4pm

The Historical Society of Easton welcomes the return of author Stephen Spignesi for a special lecture on The Titanic, on Saturday April 15th at 4 PM in the Easton Library’s Community Room, 691 Morehouse Road. The date marks the 105th Anniversary of its sinking in the North Atlantic!
Please join us for an illustrated presentation about the ill-fated maiden voyage of the White Star Line’s premier luxury ocean liner, Titanic, the largest vessel of its time. What was life like on board for all the traveling classes? Much has been discovered about the ship, the design, the tragic decisions made that fateful night which may have caused its’ untimely demise, the communication failures and more. What contributed to more than 1,500 passengers meeting their watery graves? And for those who survived, their harrowing stories of boarding lifeboats, tossed about in frigid waters not knowing if they’d ever be rescued?
The author will also play a special recording of a song written for the Titanic musical but never used in the performance called “Three Days” a real treat for the audience.
Stephen Spignesi is a retired University of New Haven Practitioner in Residence and prolific author of more than 70 books on American history, pop culture, the Founding Fathers, the US Presidents, Stephen King, The Beatles, true crime, the paranormal among other pop culture subjects and TV shows.
While the lecture is free to all to attend, donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated to support the Historical Society’s efforts and future events. For more information please call the Historical Society of Easton at 203-292-3533 or email us at hseastonct@gmail.com.

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