New Historic Plaques for Easton

Homes with History

Please join us this Sunday, November 24th, at 3 PM in the Community Room of the Easton Public Library as we unveil our new hand-painted historic plaques designed by artisan Bob Leonard. These beautiful signs can be customized to the specific history of your building.  With nearly 200 Homes with History, let us help you find original build date, and in most cases, the name of the original owner of your house! Information will be available this Sunday with an easy to read enlarged map of Easton and a certified index of homes on display in the Community Room. Come see if your building is listed and consider supporting the Historical Society by ordering your new plaque!

Easton HSE new plaque Silliman


Bob will be here to give a short lecture that includes a discussion of historical signs-the craft of making them as well as talk about some local collections. He will then assist members of the audience in selecting the option that works best for their house or business. Bob offers the uncommon ability to provide period correct calligraphy for each individual sign he creates. This is a unique opportunity to meet the artist and learn about his craft.

Don’t live in Easton but would still like a customized house plaque for your historical area home? You’re welcome to join us and meet Bob after his presentation to find out more about ordering a plaque for your residence or business. In addition to Easton, Bob is the official historic house plaque artisan for the Ridgefield Historical Society, as well as many others.


  1. Hi, I’m interested in getting a replacement plaque for 94 Freeborn Rd ( Daniel Burr House, 1710). Let me know next steps!

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