Easton in the Service

We’re looking to do a series entitled “Easton in the Service” to be presented in the Courier early next year. We’d like to build a digital library of photographs of the men and women from Easton who have served their country from the Civil War until today. We’d appreciate any clear, scanned photos of these people in uniform along with a short description including name, date, age of person (if known), and the branch of service. If there are interesting stories to go with the photos, please include those as well. They can be emailed to me at the Historical Society at hsectresearch@gmail.com.
The photo you are looking at is from 1943. Well known Fairfield photographer, George Weising, was tasked with creating a picture for a recruiting poster for the armed forces. His use of the clouds framing all four of these recruits makes this a very powerful image. These four young people are all Fairfield residents who had already enlisted to serve prior to this photo shoot. Ernie Benham, Army; Luke Gilleran, Navy; Dorothy Burnes, WAAC; & Ernest (Red) Toth, Marines.

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