Honoring American Patriots

Please join us this August 19th at 10:30 am at the Union Cemetery where the Governor Oliver Wolcott Sr. branch of the Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution will be honoring five American Patriots with a graveside ceremony. The CTSSAR Color Guard will be presenting a three-volley musket salute and representatives from the Town of Easton, the Historical Society of Easton and the CTSSAR will be speaking about Nehemiah DeForest, Jared Baldwin, Daniel Silliman, Zachariah Lacey and Stephen Hubbell. The ceremony will be a great learning experience and the public is invited to attend.


  1. Hi. Is there a record of there in Easton each lived? Does the Blackrock Church date to the 1700’s?

    1. Hi David,
      Not sure what you are asking about. Black Rock Church in Fairfield? The Baptist Church in Easton is now run by a division of their Black Rock ministries. The Baptist Church in Easton dates to 1829. I believe the Black Rock Church in Fairfield was established in the Black Rock district of Bridgeport in 1849.

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