Adams Schoolhouse

The Adams Schoolhouse, circa 1850, is one of two historic properties maintained by The Historical Society of Easton, CT and used in educational and social programs.  The building was relocated to its current site.  The original site was near the intersection of what is now Sport Hill Road and Adams Road where it was known as School # 4, one of eleven such schoolhouses in Easton in the 19th century.  It is now located at 345 Westport Road, aka CT 136 between Black Rock Road and Center Street.

A few years ago, the Historical Society invited local artists, photographers, painters to render images of the Adams Schoolhouse to be used later in the year for a fund-faiser.  That fund raiser was a wine-tasting and art show, held at the Society’s other historic property, The Bradley-Hubbell House.

Here are some of the images created by our local artists and exhibited in Town Hall during the summer, then at the Wine-Tasting and Art Exhibit.

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  1. My name is Carol Jesmer. My father was stationed at Presque Isle AFB around 1952-1953. MY parents rented a house in Easton from a Kennedy faimly. They owned a farm, but had a two story house justdown the road from them. I do not remember the name of the road, but there was a pond across the street. The bus picked me up for school and took me to a two room school house. My teacher’s name was Madeline Gardner.She had a son named Ollie. I have wonderful memories of Easton and have often wondered if my schoolhouse is still there. I remember a wooded area and Bleeding heart plants growing. We could see through the wooded area and down a steep hill to The Lake. We all went swimming in the lake. I remembering my dad letting me swim to a raft in the middle of the lake. The older children would swim under the raft. I decided to try it and nearly drown that day. I could not find my way back out. I followed the bigger kids and made it out, but never forgot that day. Well, I have mostly good memories. We attened the First Methodist Church. Ron and Anne Stead were the pastors.

    Carol Jesmer

    1. Dear Carol,

      Thank you for your inquiry. If your father was stationed at Presque Island Air Force Base, you probably rented a house in Easton, Maine. We are the Historical Society of Easton, Connecticut. Our towns appear to be very similar, though, as we did have, at one point, thirteen school districts each with one school house. However, by 1930 the school districts consolidated creating one larger elementary school, named after Samuel Staples, benefactor of the town’s original Free Academy in 1795. We have one of the original school houses, District #4’s Adams School House, and it currently exists as a museum in town.

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