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This archive page will mainly feature photos that don’t fall into any particular category. For vintage detailed photos of our notable neighbors, historic homes, churches, schools, agriculture, the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company, and the historic Sport Hill Races of the early twentieth century, please click on those links below the Photo Archives tab on our main page. Eventually, we hope to have as many as 500 photos online and viewable to all.


  1. I remember the Bluebird Inn well. In the early 1950’s, my sister and I walked from my grandfather’s farm on Burr Street to the Bluebird to buy ice cream cones. I was about six years old and we were on a grand adventure.

    Ray Nichols

  2. Thanks for the great flashback. My first job in approximately 1975 was at the Blue Bird. It was a hot dog stand at the time owned by Bob Kern, the husband of teacher Midge Clark. My classmate, Cindy Spencer, also worked with me making milk shakes and selling hot dogs. Since I lived on Mile Common Road I could just walk to work and then hang out at the Mud Hole with the gang afterwards.

  3. The Blue Bird! In the late ’60’s, my brother and I played Little League across the street. Win or lose, ten or fifteen cents was the prize to be spent at the Bluebird!

  4. In the 1930’s, on family trips from Danbury to Fairfield Beach, we always stopped at the Bluebird for little cups of ice cream. The interior of the lids had pictures of famous people. It was joy to open the cup for both the photo in the lid an the ice cream. I think that one cup cost ten cents. Then in the 1960’s our sons played Little League in Toth Park. Will always remember Hank Kowaleski who was a great umpire and an even better man.

  5. My mom and I loved the black raspberry shakes – most likely made by Donna or Cindy (above), because that’s about the time I was playing Little League at (what is no longer called) Toth Park. I never went to Greiser’s growing up, but when I was editor of The Easton Courier in ’89-’90, I went there a lot. Good place to get coffee and talk with the regulars. Miss the Bluebird and Greiser’s A LOT.

  6. I would to learn more of Easton’s history. My husband’s grandma was born there in 1937. Are there any school photos from the 40s?

    1. Staples Elementary appeared to only take class photos of the graduating 8th grade each year. If your relative was born in 1937, she would have likely been in the Staples class of 1951. We do not have that year in our photo album. If you could provide a full maiden name, we can check to see if we can find a photo for you from one of the high schools Easton used during those years.

  7. Spent a lot of time in Easton at my Uncle’s, Joe Silhavy, who was a volunteer fireman and retired as an Easton police officer. Additionally, my grandmother, Anne (Yamnicky) Anderson grew up on Old Adams Rd. and went to Adams school. Thank you for the history and great memories!

  8. Would anyone happen to know where I could get the Blue Bird Inn postcard shown above that has the “The Bluebird Inn and Garage – photo taken between 1934 and 1937” caption? I’d love to find one of these for my elderly mother, who has wonderful memories of having brunches with a now-deceased friend at the restaurant. I’ve tried the usual avenues (eBay, Easton Historical Society, etc.) but have come up empty for more than a year. Any miracles out there?!

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